Instructions for presentations

Technical requirements


Recommended Poster Size: 90x120cm (Portrait)


Compulsory format for PowerPoint presentations in the moderated poster sessions:

  • * Every slide (all 6 in every presentation) must be clearly labeled with the abstract/poster number in the top left corner. This number can be found in the “List of accepted publications” below.
  • * The presentation is limited to max. 6 slides with no animations, sequential build-up of individual slides or videos.
  • * Slide 1 should contain the abstract title, list of authors and affiliations only.
  • * Slide 2-5 should contain a brief introduction and clearly stated hypothesis if deemed necessary, as well as results from the abstract and poster, preferably as figures and/or tables.
  • * Slide 6 should contain summary and/or conclusion(s) in bullet points.

Technical requirements:

  • * Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 on a Windows 7 based PC will be used for all presentations.
  • * Slides must be fitted to be used on a laptop with screen resolution around 1280 x 800 pixels.
  • * Use the “Insert” feature of PowerPoint to add images to your presentations. Do not copy/paste images into the slide or click and drag.
  • * Ensure no video or animation is included in the presentation.
  • * Please note that Internet access will not be available.
  • * No sound system will be connected to the computer.
  • * "Presenter view" is turned off in PowerPoint
  • * Maximum file size 50Mbyte.

The following file types are the only acceptable:

  • * Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)
  • * Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (.ppt)

Please enter Poster number when submitting your presentation.

Poster number and Name

Session I Biomarkers and Cardiac Disease

Session II Cellular Signaling Myocardial Hypertrophy and Ischemia

Session III Cardiac Function During Heart Failure and Exercise Training

Session IV Cellular Signaling Myocardial Function and Arrhythmias

Session V Diagnostic and Therapeutical Strategies for Cardiac Disease

Session VI Inflammatory Mediators and Metabolism

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