Workshop: Cardiomyocytes Mechanisms of Heart Failure

This annual Workshop is the main meeting place for Center for Heart Failure Research’s focus area Cardiomyocytes Mechanisms of Heart Failure

The workshop will explore alterations in cardiomyocyte structure and function, and how these changes contribute to the development of heart failure

Invited speaker: John Andrew Wasserstrom,
Ph.D, Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), Department of Medicine (Cardiology),
The Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois

Lecture: to be decided

Date: 23 May 2018
Place: to be decided

Focus area: Cardiomyocytes Mechanisms of Heart Failure
Focus Area Leader: Xin Shen, Institute for Experimental Medical Research, Oslo University Hospital Ullevål
Co-organizer: professor William E. Louch

The Focus Areas are dedicated to specific topics of interest to several groups in the Center for Heart Failure Research. The aim of each focus area is to facilitate exchange of ideas, common projects and collaboration with international partners.












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