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Kristin Halvorsen Hortemo, PhD student

Kristin Halvorsen Hortemo

Department Institute for Experimental Medical Research, Oslo University Hospital Ullevaal

Current research focus

Skeletal muscle fatigue in health and disease.

Main hypothesis:
Posttranscriptional modifications of proteins participating in the contraction-relaxation cycle is different in isometric and isotonic exercise, and alterations in these modifications contribute to the skeletal dysfunction seen in CHF.

Specific aims/subgoals:

  • Identify the fatigue development in normal rats and in rats with post-infarct heart failure during in situ shortening contractions
  • In normal rats, identify the phosphorylation pattern of regulatory proteins important for contraction in isometric versus isotonic exercise
  • Investigate alterations in phoshorylation pattern in rats with post-infarct heart failure
  • Investigate alterations in O-linked-Glycosylation after shortening contractions in normal rats and rats with post-infarct heart failure
  • Integrative understanding og skeletal muscle fatigue including metabolite alterations and calcium handling

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