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Jan Bjørn Osnes, Professor, MD, PhD

Osnes, Jan-Bjørn

Department Department of Pharmacology, University of Oslo

Current research focus

Studying changes in receptor-signalling-mechanisms in failing myocardium and mechanisms for such changes. Exploring mechanisms for inotropic effects mediated through various receptors, especially those coupled to Gq/11 and/or G12/13 and particularly the regulation and role of phosphorylation of myosin light chain and of kinases phosphorylating it and the regulation myosin light chain phosphatase. Compartmentation of cAMP and cGMP increases after different agonists and the regulatory role of various PDE subtypes. Role of natriuretic peptides in normal and failing myocardium. Possible role of myocardial tissue hypothyroidism in the changes of receptor signaling in failing myocardium.

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