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Project name Project manager
ACE 1950 Study Helge Røsjø
Adipose tissue inflammation in patients with coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes; effects of exercise training Trine Baur Opstad
Animal modetl for studiing heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) and Signalling mechanisms for the effects of natriuretic peptides (CNP) on contractility in HFpEF Vladimir N. Martinov
B-YOUNG: Biobank of young control subjects for studies on aging and coronary heart disease Trine Baur Opstad
CADENCE - Markers of coronary artery disease during exercise testing Joanna Cwikiel
Hyperemesis gravidarum and cardiovascular disease Sigrun Halvorsen
Inflammation and ischemia/reperfusion injury in STEMI patients treated by PCI and ischemic postconditioning Geir Øystein Andersen
Microbial translocation and cardiovascular disease. Emphasis on chronic heart failure and atherosclerosis Ayodeji Awoyemi
Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) in coronary artery disease. Potential prognostic value and roles in atherothrombosis Miriam Langseth
Omega-3 fatty acids in elderly patients with myocardial infarction Are Annesønn Kalstad
Risk profile, management and outcome in acute myocardial infarction in Eastern Norway 2005-2011 Sigrun Halvorsen
Thrombin generation and hypercoagulability in diabetes - with and without coronary artery disease Vibeke Bratset
vWF/ADAMTS13 is associated with on-aspirin residual platelet reactivity and clinical outcome in patients with stable coronary artery disease Ellen Mathea Kirsch Warlo
Changes in receptor function and intracellular signalling in heart failure
Project name Project manager
A comparison between the receptor signalling mechanisms coupled to 5-HT4 serotonin receptors and to beta-adrenoceptors in failing myocardium. Faraz Afzal
Antihypertrophic effects of CTGF in a transgenic rodent model. Tuyet Anh Pham
Biomarkers in ACS Helge Røsjø
Biomarkers in acute HF Helge Røsjø
Biomarkers in patients with critical illness Helge Røsjø
Biomarkers in stable CAD Helge Røsjø
Cardiac tissue hypothyroidism and receptor functions in heart failure. Silja Meier
Cardioprotective properties of recombinant CCN proteins in ischemia/reperfusion injury in pigs Ole Jørgen Kaasbøll
cGMPs influence on cAMP Silja Meier
Changes of adrenergic receptor functions in failing myocardium Eirik Qvigstad
Changes of expression of the cardiac NKCC in ischemic heart failure Geir Øystein Andersen
Characterization of increased calcium sensitivity in heart muscle as inotropic mechanism for receptor stimulation and for levosimendan. Øivind Ørstavik
Characterization of intracellular signaling pathways of CTGF and mechanisms of cytoprotective actions in cardiac myocytes Ingvild Tronstad Moe
Circulating miRNA in heart failure
Compartmentalized receptor-mediated signaling through cAMP and cGMP in cardiomyocytes Kjetil Wessel Andressen
Crosstalk of cGMP on cAMP signalling systems in cardiomyocytes. A key to modifications of cAMP-dependent receptor functions in failing myocardium? Eirik Qvigstad
Cyclic GMP compartmentation in failing myocardium Lise Román Moltzau
DNA repair enzymes in ischemia-reperfusion injury Marte Bliksøen
Dual angiotensin-receptor (ARB)/neutral endopeptidase (NEP) inhibition (ARNi) on cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis Thomas G. von Lueder
Effects and mechanisms of muscarinic receptor stimulation in failing myocardium Rizwan Iqbal Hussain
Electrical remodelling in heart failure Magnus Aronsen
Elucidating the 3D distribution and function of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger (NCX) in cardiomyocytes Ornella Manfra
Functional significance of CTGF-induced restrictive fibrosis of the heart in endurance training vs. heart failure M. Shakil Ahmed
Functions of myocardial CTGF in the postnatal heart – signalling pathways, delineation of CTGF-induced gene expression programs and role in cell proliferation, differentiation and cell death M. Shakil Ahmed
Gender and cardiovascular disease Marte Bliksøen
Granin proteins as new biomarkers Helge Røsjø
Identification and characterization of factors that stimulate proliferation and survival of cardiac stem cells Vladimir N. Martinov
Identification and modulation of signaling complexes involved in hypertrophy and heart failure Cathrine Rein Carlson
Identifying pathogenic processes by integrating microarray data with prior knowledge Ståle Nygård
Innate immunity and cardiac injury Fred Haugen
Investigating possible role for PI3K-inhibition in the regulation of Beta2-adrenergic signaling in myocardium Øivind Ørstavik
Involvement of GRK3 in the pathophysiologic mechanisms of heart failure Jørgen A. Gravning
Involvement of phosphorylation of myosin light chain (MLC) in the inotropic responses to stimulation of Gq/11 and/or G12/13 coupled receptors Hilde Eikemo
Is heme oxygenase-1 a downstream mediator of HIF-1a induced protection? Dusan Bilbija
Liver receptor X in the heart Peng Lei
Liver receptor X in the heart
Mechanisms of cardioprotection Vladimir N. Martinov
Mechanisms of elevated plasma endothelin-1 levels in heart failure Thomas G. von Lueder
Mechanisms of myocardial CTGF-induced arrythmias Jørgen A. Gravning
Mitochondrial DNA - maker or marker of ischemic injury? Marte Bliksøen
Mitochondrial p66Shc - friend or foe? Anton Baysa
On the role of myocardial α1-adrenoceptors in clinical situations Eirik Qvigstad
Preassociation of the 5-HT7 receptor and Gs Kjetil Wessel Andressen
Prgnostic significance of cardio- hepatic dysfunction in acute coronary heart failure syndrome type 1
Regulation of myocardial cGMP by PDE subtypes. Salmana H. Ata
Regulation of serotonin receptor expression in normal and failing hearts Lise Román Moltzau
Relation between serotonin receptors and myocardial hypertrophy Eirik Qvigstad
Role of adenyly cyclase 5 and 6 in the compartmentation of beta-adrenergic receptor signaling and iontropic responsiveness in normal and failing myocardium Caroline Bull Melsom
Role of Factor FVII activating protease (FSAP) in patients with acute myocardial infarction and heart failure Sandip Kanse
Role of inhibitory G protein (Gi) to regulate cAMP signalling in normal and failing ventricular myocardium Kurt Allen Krobert
Role of myocardial CTGF in the pathophysiologic mechanisms of heart failure Jørgen A. Gravning
Role of the innate immun system in the development and maintenance of cardiovascular disease Leif Erik Vinge
Secretoneurin in cardiac ischemia and heart failure Anett Hellebø Ottesen
Signalling mechanisms for the effects of natriuretic peptides on contractility in failing myocardium Lise Román Moltzau
Signalling transduction and regulation of 5-HT4-induced contractile effects in failing myocardium Lise Román Moltzau
Substrate specificities and function of G protein-coupled receptor kinase (GRK) isoforms in adult, differentiated cardiac myocytes M. Shakil Ahmed
Syndecan-4 and heart failure: regulation of pathological remodelling by syndecan-4 Ida Gjervold Lunde
The role of inhibitory G protein in regulating adenylyl cyclase Caroline Bull Melsom
Inflammatory mediators and hormones in heart failure
Project name Project manager
A population based case-control study on atrial fibrillation. Importance of biomarkers Arnljot Tveit
A role of retinoic acid in remodelling of the failing heart Dusan Bilbija
Aspirin non-responsiveness and Clopidogrel clinical Endepoint Trial (ASCET) Alf-Åge Reistad Pettersen
Atherosclerosis and the metabolic syndrome - role of inflammation and adipose tissue Marius Trøseid
Atherothrombotic risk markers in patients with diabete type 2 and coronary heart disease. Special emphasis on genetic regulation Trine Baur Opstad
Beta blockers, statins and recommended doses of ACE-I improve survival in non-randomized patients with heart failure. Stefan Agewall
Biomarker - imaging index Otto Smiseth
Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) and N-Terminal pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide (NT-proBNP) as a Markers of Perioperative Risk in Patients Undergoing Vascular Surgery Loreta S. Strøm
Bronchial inflammation in acute coronary syndrome Pål Brekke
Cardiac dysfunction in juvenile dermatomyositis Thomas Schwartz
Cardiac Troponin T among subjects with type 2 DM Jonas Hallén
Chromogranin A, granins and heart disease
Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease and Heart Failure in the Norwegian Heart Failure Registry Stefan Agewall
Clinical use of echocardiography after acute myocardial infarction (substudy of NORDISTEMI) Nisha Mistry
Contemporary breast cancer therapy and cardiovascular function Torbjørn Omland
Coronary disease in COPD Pål Brekke
Effect of statin treatment on peripheral vasodilator function, inflammatory markers and pulmonary function in patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Anke Neukamm
Effects of CCN protein on cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts Geir Florholmen
Endothelial dysfunction, exogenous and endogenous factors Torgeir Wethal
Endothelial function and inflammatory disease activity in patients with RA Stefan Agewall
Endothelial function and radical oxygen species formation in chronic heart failure Ingebjørg Seljeflot
EU-FP7 grant "Mitocare": Head of Clinical Research Consortium Dan Atar
Exercise training in patients with coronary heart disease and type-2 diabetes Rune Byrkjeland
Gender differences in CHF Stefan Agewall
Generation of transgenic mice with inducible, cardiac-restricted expression of CTGF M. Shakil Ahmed
Glycoprotein 130 - A crosstalk between inflammation, Obesity and Atherosclerosis Thomas Weiss
Harmful effects on the heart by long term abuse of androgenic anabolic steroids, assessed by different cardiologic methods Paul Vanberg
Hematopoiesis in mice with heart failure Per Ole Iversen
High sensitivity cardiac troponins in cardiovascular disease Torbjørn Omland
Identification of factors that stimulate survival and proliferation of cardiac progenitor cells. Vladimir N. Martinov
Identification of novel secreted factor by expression profiling of hearts from mice with myocardial failure Cathrine Husberg
Impaired glucose tolerance in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Eva Cecilie Knudsen
Inflammation and electrical cardioversion for atrial fibrillation Arnljot Tveit
Inflammation in heart failure- the importance for development of myocardial dysfunction Christen Peder Dahl
Inflammatory biomarkers and growth factors in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction Vibeke Ritschel
Inflammatory mediators and endothelial function as markers of prognosis in heart failure and after heart transplantation Torbjørn Holm
Markers of Coronary Artery Disease During Exercise Stress Testing (CADENCE) Hilde Ulsaker
Mortality benefit from additional Spironolactone in patients with stable systolic dysfunction on beta-blockers and ACE-inhibition Stefan Agewall
Multiple cytokines as diagnostic markers in heart failure Maria Vistnes
Neurohormonal activation in stable coronary artery disease Torbjørn Omland
New aspects in myocardial remodeling and dysfunction due to left ventricular pressure overload Biljana Skrbic
NFAT isoforms and cardiac hypertrophy Ida Gjervold Lunde
NORCAST- Norwegian Cardiorespiratory Arrest Study Espen R Nakstad
NORwegian Study on DIstrict treatment of ST-elevation Myocardial Infarction (NORDISTEMI) Ellen Bøhmer
Notch signaling in atherosclerosis Leif Erik Vinge
O-GlcNAc signaling in cardiac hypertrophy and failure Ida Gjervold Lunde
Pathogenic role of the regulatory chemokines CCL19 and CCL21 during pressure overload Alexandra Finsen
Pathophysiological role of inflammatory cytokines in heart failure Arne Yndestad
Regulation of decorin, lumican, asporin and GAG-chain synthesizing enzymes in myocardial remodeling and reverse remodeling. Anne Wæhre
Rheumatoid arthritis and accelerated atherosclerosis: The influence of disease activity and disease modifying treatment Sella Aarrestad Provan
Role of CCN2/CTGF in in autonomic control of the heart Eva Maria Rehbinder
Role of inflammatory mediators in right ventricular pressure overload Anne Wæhre
Role of Neil3 in regulating stem cell recruitment following myocardial infarction Alexandra Finsen
Saxagliptin in atherosclerosis (SAXATH) Ida Unhammer Njerve
Significance of pulmonary monocyte/macrophage system in the pathophysiologic mechanisms of heart failure Thomas G. von Lueder
Small leucine rich proteoglycans and reverse remodelling of cardiac extracellular matrix Kristin Victoria Tunheim Engebretsen
Syndecan-4 signaling in cardiac myofibroblast development in response to mechanical stress Kate Louise Møller Herum
Syndecan-4, a transmembranous heparan sulphate proteoglycan, and heart failure Alexandra Finsen
The effect of preload reduction on the LV function Anders Hodt
The effect of TNF-alpha antagonists on cardiovascular disease in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and related diseases. Kristin Angel
The homeostatic chemokine CXCL13 and its receptor CXCR5 are regulated in experimental and human heart failure, and are involved in cardiac remodelling. Anne Wæhre
The role of endogenous FSAP in a mouse model of acute myocardial infacrtion. Sandip Kanse
The role of fibromodulin in cardiac remodeling and transition to heart failure in response to cardiac pressure overload Kine Andenæs
The role of interleukin-18 in cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure Vigdis Hillestad
The role of metalloproteinases (MMPs) in atherosclerosis and various phases of coronary heart disease Eline Bredal Furenes
The role of syndecan-4 in extracellular matrix remodeling in response to pressure overload Kate Louise Møller Herum
What improvements follow from the introduction of high sensitive troponin assays? Trygve Sørdahl Hall
Mechanisms of muscle dysfunction in heart failure
Project name Project manager
Adaptive servoventilation and LV function Arild Hetland
Calcium homeostasis and the failing heart William E. Louch
Can exercise training prevent ventricular arrhythmias in heart failure? Tore Kristian Danielsen
Cardic mechanics in LV dyssynchrony Ola Gjesdal
Causal link between contractile dysfunction and risk of arrhythmias in post infarction rats Mani Sadredini
Comprehensive evaluation of cardiac function in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) Torbjørn Omland
Crosstalk between transport proteins that control intracellular sodium in cardiomyoctyes Fredrik Swift
CRT - The single center experience Eivind S.P. Myhre
Determining factors for triggered arrhythmias Mathis Korseberg Stokke
Effects of Individualized Exercise Training in Patients with Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia Type 1 Ravinea Manotheepan
Exercise and heart failure in patients Morten Munkvik
Exercise training as anti-arrhythmic therapy in heart failure Mathis Korseberg Stokke
Exercise training prevents ventricular tachycardia in CPVT 1 due to reduced CaMKII-dependent arrhythmogenic Ca2+ release Ravinea Manotheepan
Gender differences in acute myocardial infarction Sigrun Halvorsen
Heart failure and gender differences Bjørn Brandsæter
Heart failure protein interaction Jon Arne Birkeland
Influence of genetic polymorphisms on functional testing of clopidogrel non-responsiveness Alf-Åge Reistad Pettersen
IP3 signalling and Ca2+-wave development in ventricular cardiomyocytes Fredrik Swift
L-type Ca2+ current inhibition for prevention of triggered arrhythmias Mathis Korseberg Stokke
Lack of collagen type VIII induces eccentric remodeling and alterations of ECM response in pressure overload Biljana Skrbic
Left ventricular function and risk of arrhythmia in patients with cardiomyopathies. A strain echocardiographic study. Nina Eide Hasselberg
Local Emergency Team Lars Wik
LV function and ventricular arrhythmias Kristina Hermann Haugaa
Measures of ST-segment recovery for prediction of cardiac function and infarct size following STEMI Jonas Hallén
Mechanisms underlying the force-frequency response in normal and failing cardiomyocytes Halvor K. Mørk
Mitigation of reperfusion injury in STEMI patients undergoing primary PCI Jonas Hallén
Modelling of excitation-contraction coupling Jørn B. Sande
Molecular alterations of cardiac troponins Lene H. Madsen
Molecular processes triggered by altered Ca2+ cycling and SR dysfunction in heart failure Kristin B. Andersson
Mouse models for defective Ca2+ handling and SR dysfuntion in the heart and skeletal muscle Kristin B. Andersson
Multiple causes of fatigue in slow twitch skeletal muscle in normal rats and in rats with post-infarct heart failure Kristin Halvorsen Hortemo
Myocardial Infarction Registry, Oslo University Hospital Ulleval Sigrun Halvorsen
Non-invasive impedance-based volume status monitoring in heart failure patients Thomas G. von Lueder
Optimization of gene deletion protocols in mouse models utilizing Mer-Cre-Mer (MCM) technology Karina Hougen
Phosphodiesterase regulation of SERCA2 activity Karina Hougen
Postconditioning in ST-elevation myocardial infarction treated with primary PCI. Limalanathan Shanmuganathan
Pulmonal hypoxia and pulmonary hypertension; Mechanisms involved in transition to heart failure Karl-Otto Larsen
Reduction of Serca2 function in skeletal muscle: effects on muscle function and fatigue development Cecilie Sjåland
Renal Sympathetic Denervation a A Novel Therapeutic Approach to Improve Heart Failure Dan Atar
Right catheterisation before and after heart transplant Einar Gude
Safety and efficacy of levosimendan in patients with acute myocardial infarction complicated by symptomatic left ventricular failure Trygve Husebye
Serca2 function in the embryonic heart Cecilie Sjåland
Single-point cTnI for prediction of left ventricular dysfunction following STEMI Jonas Hallén
Skeletal muscle fatigue during heart failure in rats Per Kristian Lunde
Skeletal muscle fatigue mechanisms in rats and humans Morten Munkvik
Spatial homogeneity of cardiomyocyte Ca2+ handling and sarcomeric function Guro Five Johansen
Targeting and regulation of SERCA in the heart Fredrik Swift
Targeting of Na+ transporting proteins determines cardiac contractility and rhythm Nils Tovsrud
The connection between membrane potential and contractility is changed in heart failure Janny Bøkenes
The effect of physical training and follow-up at a heart failure clinic compared to usual follow-up on exercise capacity, quality of life and hospitalization Birgitta Blakstad Nilsson
The importance of skeletal muscle extracellular matrix in CHF related fatigue and the role of skeletal muscle in the systemic inflammatory state of heart failure Tommy Aune Rehn
The role of fetal gene programs for development of acute infarction and postischemic heart failure Fred Haugen
Torsional mechanics and LV strains in a large cohort of professional soccer players Thomas G. von Lueder
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